The Canvas Giclee Process

"Giclee" is a French word meaning "spray or squirt" referring to the digital printing process. Millions of microscopic droplets of ink are applied to the print media as the image is created. The high quality giclee printers used to produce our giclees have an astonishing resolution of 2,800 X 1440 dpi (dots per inch) blending as many as eight colors of ink. This process produces archival quality prints with amazing color integrity. Giclees are displayed in the worlds finest museums and galleries and are recognized as "the next best thing to owning the original."

Our definition of a giclee is: "A fine art print created by a print maker adhering to strict standards using special high resolution digital equipment throughout the work flow process, leaving no evidence of the technology used while providing archival quality consistent with that of a collectible fine art print."

Our giclees are printed on canvas then stretched and wrapped around the entire one inch or two inch stretcher bar creating a gallery wrap image. This eliminates the need for a frame so your art is ready to hang on the wall when you unpack it.



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